5 helpful (and easy) things you can do on the Lumico customer portal

May 31, 2022

Insurance should make your life easier—not more complicated. After all, don’t you have enough on your plate? That’s why, at Lumico, we offer a customer portal that makes managing your life or health insurance policy simple and fast.

You can access our customer portal anywhere you can get online, whether it’s at home on your laptop or on your mobile device. First head to myaccount.lumico.com and sign in using your username and password. If you don’t have one, register as a new user to set up an account.

Once you’re set up and logged in, you can make payments, update your policy information, and much more. If you’d like, you can even say goodbye to paper forms and lengthy phone calls to answer simple questions. The Lumico customer portal can take care of almost anything you need—and fast.

Here are 5 helpful tasks you can accomplish on our customer portal:

  1. You can review your life insurance policy’s coverage details.
    It can be easy to forget when your policy was issued, the coverage end date, and the amount of coverage you originally purchased. To refresh your memory, sign into the customer portal and click on “Coverage Details.” Right away, you’ll find a quick overview of your policy and how it works.

  2. You can pay your premium.
    Sometimes it’s just more convenient to pay a bill online, rather than find a stamp and drop off an envelope at the post office. Plus, when you pay your premium online, your payment is received right away. You don’t have to worry about lost mail or other issues. Plus, it’s easy to change your payment method online, whether it’s through a credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT).

  3. You can update your beneficiaries.
    A beneficiary is the person you designate to receive your policy’s death benefit after you pass away. Ideally, this is a trusted person who promises to take care of your loved ones and carry out your final wishes. It’s important to put careful thought into choosing a beneficiary. You can even designate a primary beneficiary (the person who is first in line) and a contingent beneficiary (a back-up person in the event your primary beneficiary is no longer available).

    Once you decide on your beneficiary(s), you can easily add their information by signing into the customer portal. You can also designate the percentage of the death benefit that each of your beneficiaries will receive.

  4. You can review important notices and updates from Lumico.
    If you’re like most people, you probably receive a lot of paper mail. It can be easy to toss most of your mail out. After all, who wants all of that paper sitting on the counter? All you have to do is sign into the customer portal to read correspondence about your policy.

  5. You can sign policy documents and forms.
    Signing and mailing in paper forms can take time. Instead, head to Lumico’s customer portal to review documents and forms related to your insurance. Then, it takes 2 seconds or less to submit an e-signature online. For example, you may want to e-sign a statement of insurability, amendment to your policy, and much more.

As a Lumico policyholder, we don’t want you to miss out on how easy our customer portal is to use. If you haven’t set up your account already, go to myaccount.lumico.com today. Get ready; you’re about to save yourself quite a bit of time.  

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