Final Expense Insurance

Coverage that provides peace of mind

Why Lumico Final Expense?

Final Expense insurance is a whole life insurance policy that has a small death benefit. Frequently, final expense insurance is commonly referred to as "funeral insurance," or "burial insurance" and is a small whole life policy with a death benefit of $5,000 to $50,000.
Lumico's Final Expense product is a simple way for you to help lessen the burden on your family by ensuring they have the means they need to help cover funeral and/or burial costs. Some companies charge everyone the same price regardless of health – at Lumico, your health is important to us, so you're given a fair and affordable price that's suitable for you. You can receive instant decision and immediate coverage in about ten minutes.
lower coverage amounts

Lower coverage amounts


Suitable for seniors


No medical exam

Product Specifications

Issue Ages

Ages 50-85 Standard
Ages 50-80 for Preferred and Modified

Minimum face amount


Maximum face amount and risk classes*

$50,000 for Preferred at ages 50-60
$40,000 for Preferred at ages 61-70
$30,000 for Preferred at ages 71-75
$20,000 for Preferred at ages 76-80
$30,000 for Standard
$15,000 for Modified

Policy Expiry

Age 121

Premium Frequency

Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly

Rider options


  • Accelerated Death


  • Accidental Death



*Preferred: your benefit is “level” - so you’re entitled to 100% of your benefit from the first day your coverage begins.
Standard & Modified: your benefit is “graded” in the first three years - this means your benefit will gradually increase to 100%, unless death occurs as a result of an accident.

**You can replace your existing life insurance policy with a new Lumico life insurance policy.

For complete coverage information, download a copy of our Final Expense fact sheet.

Did you know?

Your Final Expense benefit
can be used to cover
than just funeral costs
medical bill-1

Medical Bills




Travel Expenses

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